Ben Gollings England 7sHello, we’re in a good routine in Delhi building up to the Commonwealth Games Sevens. We got up for a good pool session before breakfast, a power session in the gym, some rest and then a session on the field with the Canadian side followed by analysis after dinner.

We played a game in the pool called Marco Polo, it’s a bit like hide-and-seek in the water, if that makes sense. Basically it’s a listening game – if you’re in you close your eyes and say ‘Marco’ and everyone else says ‘Polo’ and via their voices he has to try and catch someone. Simple pleasures.

Canada were the opposition in our training game today and provided us with our first semi-contact hit-out. We haven’t played much and it was good to put into practice what we’ve been training so hard for.

They’re games that aren’t 100 per cent realistic but you get a lot out of and learn a lot from. It wasn’t perfect but it’s next week that we need to peak and the boys are in good spirits and we’re still learning.

Canada caused us a few problems, they made it difficult and they’ve learned immensely over the last four or five seasons. They’re starting to get the bits and pieces together that you need to be a good side.

They one of many countries who are going to benefit hugely from where Sevens is going through inclusion in the Olympic programme. They’re only going to get better and better which will raise the level of the game, which is what we want.

All in all, it’s been a long day, a good day, and we’ll have more of the same tomorrow.



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