By Rugby World reader, Steve Heath

Life as a fan of the Welsh rugby team is certainly never a dull experience. I was fortunate enough to be at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday for surely one of the most breathtaking finishes to a rugby match, or any sporting occasion, in living memory. This was not snatching victory out of the jaws of defeat this was surely a criminal offence with victory stolen as Scotland were in the dressing room at that point.

The match – how did Wales win? It was certainly undeserved, after 30 minutes I was wondering why I made a 300 mile round trip and spent a small fortune on a ticket to witness professionals playing so poorly.

I watched the Super 14 match between the Crusaders and the Highlanders early on Saturday, to describe the first half of Wales v Scotland as the same sport as the aforementioned match would surely be in violation of the Trade Descriptions Act. Wales were simply woeful, falling off tackles, lacking in confidence and direction. Scotland took full advantage of this and looked like worthy winners.

At half time, some comedian put a message on the big screen asking fans to vote for the hero of the half, and the choice was four Welsh players!!!! More amazingly people actually voted, surely an option 5 of “you are kidding me” would have won at a landslide.

Where Wales took 40 minutes to wake up in the opening Six Nations match, it took 70 minutes here, but when the Dragon is awake, 999 needs to be dialled quickly to put the fires out. With four minutes remaining, surely a consolation score by Leigh Halfpenny gave Wales some pride – plucky old Wales battling to the end.

Last minute of the game – Wales win a penalty, fans around me scream for the scrum. Pragmatism is called for, remember Chris White? Italy 2007? Yes you have time for the lineout – did I say yes? I meant no. You are supposed to learn from your mistakes, take the points.

Is there time for kick off? It does not matter, the Scots will hoof it dead, game over. They’ve kept it in play? Why? Who cares? Game on. No Stephen don’t kick it…….brilliant kick Stephen!!!! Cue bedlam.

What now for Wales? Give France a head start and it could be a record defeat at home. I believe Scotland will now struggle against Italy after suffering key injuries in this defeat, which brings me on to a serious note, may I wish a speedy recovery to Thom Evans. Get well soon. Flair players are needed more than ever these days.