By Paul Morgan, editor of Rugby World Magazine

If Gloucester use this 13-13 draw in the right way I believe it could be the turning point of their season, and take them into the top six where they belong.
I was at Kingsholm to see an awful Gloucester side lose 35-6 to Wasps in October. After that game I thought it was more likely Gloucester would get relegated that finish in the top six. But clearly Bryan Redpath is an astute coach. Without the funds offered to previous Gloucester coaches he is building a good team at Kingsholm and today proved how much effect all the hard work is having.
Ok it was a draw, 13-13, but Gloucester won a mountain of pressure and territory, Worcester only getting into their 22 once in the second half!
Gloucester still have the ability to press the self-destruct button, but I hope players like James Simpson-Daniel sign a new contact and that the owners give Redpath a long contract, because he is clearly the man for the job.
They went in 13-5 down at the break, but could easily have scored four or five tries the amount of pressure they had. But realistically this side hasn’t been used to creating chances this season, so they will need time.
I also must say a word for the magnificent Gloucester fans. Looking down at the relegation zone and losing 13-5 at half time to their nearest rivals I certainly expected a few boos at half-time. But not a bit of it. Not one boo was heard by me an the way they got behind their side in the second half, despite seeing them blow chance after chance, after chance was incredible. Redpath will know Dave Attwood grabbed the try with 10 seconds to go to earn the two points, but at least one of those points needs to be handed to the Kingsholm fans. It must be an inspirational place to play.
Other things that stood out for me:

Tim Molenaar: Proof if it was needed that there is gold in National One. Molenaar. Signed from Nottingham in the summer he is at last getting used to the pace and requirements of the Premiership. He is a straight running outside centre, who did everything his side needed to break the Worcester drift defence.

Chris Latham: I know the Aussie is on around £300,000 a year, but dig deep you money men of Worcester and try and hold on to him for at least another season. The 34-year-old was head and shoulders the best player on the pitch and his incredible tackle on Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu in the first half was incredible, and worthy of two points on its own. He will be a tough guy to replace if he is allowed to leave.

But were you at the game? Are you a fan of either side? What is your view on the clubs?