By Rugby World reader, Steve Heath

Luckily I was able to get a ticket to the Millenium Stadium on Friday night to witness the 50th international try of surely one of the most entertaining players to have graced the game – Shane Williams.

Yes, I have heard all of the arguments, too small to play international rugby and all that…..50 international tries, argument over. Shane Williams has scored some wonderful tries but this has to rank as one of the better ones. From my seat in the stands he seemed to outpace a hairy beast, before breaking the standing high jump record and then sidestepped the full back to cross the line. Class.

As for the Wales performance, woeful in the first half, battled strongly in the second half. I heard some mutterings as I left the stadium that Wales are the fittest side in the Championship as they always finish strongly. This theory is nonsense, it is easy to finish strongly when you do not turn up in the first half.

Warren Gatland must act on this quickly as I cannot believe that this is a tactic of Muhammad Ali rope a dope proportions where Wales let sides attack until they run out of steam and then score tries at will in the last ten minutes. If it is not a tactical masterplan then action is needed, a size ten boot connecting with a few buttcheeks would be my advice.

The frustrations for Wales supporters is the knowledge that every game in the Six Nations has been winnable but for gifts bestowed on the opposition – two interception tries against France to add to the points England scored when Alun Wyn Jones was sitting on the naughty step.

Other observations this week……well I am basking in the glory of predicting last weekend’s Six Nations victors and especially pleased with predicting Italy to win by four points. This needs to be the end of my predictions, I live my life by two mottos – when you are in a hole stop digging and quit while your ahead.

Congratulations to Italy and Ireland in the other matches and surely now France will saunter to the Grand Slam unless jitters in the final match against their old rivals England prove to be their undoing.