By Sam Perkins, Blackheath player and Rugby World reader

Tournaments are well known for holding some fantastic rugby. We all know leagues are the base for an enjoyable sport; however, it is the cup competitions that see the unexpected and the outrageous.

Now with a couple of games under my belt, I cannot wait to start the local cup competitions with Blackheath. Of course, I am currently playing for the fourth’s, meaning the term local really means local, I don’t expect to walk further than 100 yards to get to a tournament. That’s a good thing though, after 80 mins of crazy, hard tackling, head crushing rugby, I’ll be hailing down a taxi from the locker room.

The rugby sevens at Twickenham this year was a great event, with major teams preparing productively for the coming season. London Irish came out victorious with a superb performance. It was this tournament that made me realise I wanted to get back into rugby again. Let’s hope Blackheath can have success in tournaments such as these. Please don’t be ‘sevens’ though, I struggle with 15 as it is!