By Rugby World reader, Sam Perkins

At our level of rugby, a referee has to possess some discretion in decisions. Whether it’s at the breakdown, penalty calls or questionable tries, they do the best they can with what they have. A technique referee’s will use in the lower leagues is outline what they are looking for to the captain’s before the game. For example, “once the ball is lifted of the ground by the scrum half or acting scrum half, the play has begun.” Each referee interprets the rules differently, and this is just another variation.

However, witnessing England’s defeat at the weekend to Australia was a kick in the delicate area, and immediate blame goes towards the referee’s decisions. As any die hard fan, I have forgotten the reasons to back up my theory that he was to blame, however, I do remember that at the time I was very angry. Some of the verdicts were so laughable they could match X Factor’s Simon Cowell’s choice to lose Lucie over ‘the twins’. I say Cowell should referee our next international. That way the opposition will have as many bad calls as we do. Fair Game!

Let’s hope the standard of refereeing continues at our level, I certainly appreciate their contribution to the game.