By Rugby World reader, Sam Perkins

I’m happy to report it was a victorious weekend of rugby. We (Blackheath 4s) won our game 36-3, with a sensational performance by the whole team. Extra mention has to go to the forward’s (including myself). Our strength and determination was inspiring and we made at least 5 metres ground each scrum, consistently turning the opposition over. We worked extremely hard to deliver the goods to the backs, and they did the rest, scoring great tries in conditions I didn’t think were possible. God clearly felt November was too dry, and needed a good watering. With help from Niagara Falls and a sturdy wind, the artificial pitch experienced a fatal pounding.

On the other hand, England had ordinary conditions to work with, and yet still made a tough game of it. Credit to Argentina and their enormous pack, they slipped just the once, and thanks to the immense presence of Matt Banahan, we seized the opportunity. However, the passing wasn’t flowing and some questionable decisions have to go to squad selection. Still, with the limits Johnson had at his disposal, he got a result, and that’s what England can build on. While your building, how about you throw those purple shirts in the cement for safe keeping?