From Sam Perkins, Rugby World reader

Bit of a moan this week readers. One reason to that; we Lost! …Badly!
A week out from league matches meant friendlies. A friendly either means playing a team a lot worse than you and an easy moral building victory, or the complete opposite! Have a guess which scenario we got? That’s right; two leagues above us Tonbridge joined us for a pleasant game of rugby.
The first half we showed real courage and our pack matched theirs, and more. You could argue we were the dominant team in affect, however, when it came to the final third we couldn’t budge their ‘2 divisions above’ defence. On the counter attack they were unstoppable. Whenever you glance at teams on TV; Wasps, Saracens, Harlequins, England, you see their line up and it is impossible to even see an inch of fat on their ear lobes. That’s how it felt, like we were up against a professional team. In respect, a lot of our lads could match them technique and skill-wise, however, the all-round fitness of the Kent team excelled and we, unfortunately, got trounced.
Bonus! I got to play second-row for half the game and in the last scrum fill-in at no8; my dream after god knows how many weeks of playing. It was quite an experience playing these lads and all credit to Blackheath for still giving 100% even when 8 try’s down.
(Extra mention to Matt Day who unbelievably scored against Tonbridge, our only try