From Rugby World reader, Sam Perkins

Quick and simple this week guys. I was away this weekend so I had to bail on my teammates, something that hurt me to do and couldn’t do lightly. The boys did well though with a very good victory. I on the other hand prepared for our next training session. While away I took the opportunity to kit myself out.
It’s December; that means its freezing! Therefore shorts and t-shirt is not the best attire for stormy weather. Slowly I am going through my best jumpers and trousers to keep myself warm. Investing in training gear was priority and had to be done immediately, the warmest thing I have is my duvet, and I was told not to wear that again. However, another key purchase was some music. If you feel no motivation for your sport or physical exercise, whatever it is, could be rugby, could be netball, I suggest you get yourself some hardcore metal music. Nothing better to get jeered up for some brute exercise than hard rock in your ears. I cannot imply it enough, perfect motivation.
I’m sure if you looked before the Barbarian’s v NZ game, Bryan Habana was ‘rocking out’ on the side lines. That’s why he scored a hat-trick. I should be England manager; I would definitely have the pack air-guitaring to Queen!