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Sean O'Brien takes on Saracens in their October Heineken Cup clash

By Rugby World reader Ben McIntosh

This month teenager Ben looks at rugby at Wembley- is this good, Should there be Olympic 15 aside rugby. He lets us have his Joke of the week, Junior tip of the week……and still to come, exclusive interview with Leicester tigers prop Julian white. But what do you think about his views? Have you say at the end of the article.

Rugby at Wembley

Wembley arena- the home of English football, on Boxing Day the venue for a Saracens vs. Wasps match. I like the idea of playing matches at Wembley, a lot more people, a better atmosphere and a very nice pitch. Wembley would love the chance, I’m sure, to host more rugby matches and many people would love to go and see them. It should become Saracens home ground as it would attract more fans and therefore gain more money.  Maybe Wembley should become more of a rugby used ground, what do you think?

Finally rugby hits the Olympics with rugby 7’s, Should there be Olympic 15 aside rugby?

In the Olympics there is sevens rugby set to take place finally in 2016, but no 15 aside rugby. Rugby 15s was played at four Olympic Games: 1900, 1908, 1920 and 1924.  Rugby is a massive sport and would provide a wider spread of audience to the Olympics. The 15 aside game is more well known than sevens, and even that is played in the commonwealth games. I think that it is a great opportunity for many rugby players and will be a high point for many of those players if they participate in the Olympics. Surely this would be a great boost to the rugby game. Perhaps by shortening the length of the game will enable the players to recover between each game.  It has been over 90 years since the 15 game of Rugby was at the Olympics, let’s not make it nearly another century!  I’m sure if we can accommodate 7’s rugby I can’t believe that it would take that much effort  to take on the 15’s game, surely with good planning this could be fitted into the schedule of the Olympics! Hopefully by having rugby 7’s this will be the starting block for 15’s!!

Joke of the week!

“What do rugby players do when they start to lose their eyesight?

“They become referees!”

Junior tip of the week!

Always stay in communication with your team mates.