By Rugby World reader, Ben Mcintosh

Six Nations- who will win? This year’s Six Nations will be a very close one to call. England and Scotland had good autumns but Wales, Ireland and France didn’t.

England has started well this year beating Wales in Cardiff, Ireland narrowly beat Italy and France trounced Scotland. Will this be the basis of the tournament? I think it could come down to the last game, Ireland-England. Ireland host this game but England may be unbeaten by the time they get there, where as Ireland will not as they narrowly lost to France. If England beat Scotland and France they could claim the grand slam this year in my view. Chris Ashton has started very well and England have set the marker for others to improve on. Martin Johnson should stick to the core of the team and maybe adjust the team against France. They should adjust the team to fight the powerful French scrum, if they can fight this our backs and experience could see us win.

Junior tip of the week!

Turn and look for support.

Joke of the week

“A man arrived for work on Monday with a broken arm and a dislocated knee:

“The Six Nations result wasn’t what I had hoped and now my TV is broken!”