From Rugby World reader, Larissa Falls

Got any to add?


Sevenss Olympic Inclusion…A wonderful thought for grass roots rugby, global exposure, and spectator entertainment! Just think; Fiji with the gold, New Zealand the silver and Kenya with Bronze!   

Jonny Wilkinson…He’s back and he’s lost nothing. Ferocious tackling, sound decision-making, deft kicking, an unquestionable desire…and now he’s even scoring tries! He’s fit, stringing games together and enjoying his rugby. So thanks Toulon and welcome back Jonny!

Southland…Tenacity, pressure and fierce defence propelled Southland past Canterbury. They may have entered as underdogs, but left as gallant victors, with heads held high, beaming smiles and the ‘Log of Wood’ underarm.

Heineken Cup…Treviso produced a shock defeat over Perpignan. Stade fought back against Bath whilst Saints held on against Munster. Half the games ended within four points or less…and they wonder why it’s the pinnacle of club rugby!

England’s Purple Strip…You’ll either like it or you won’t, but thumbs up from me. Back to the jacket colour of the 80’s and hopefully its winning ways as well.


Geech no longer a Lion’s coach…He was eventually going to wave goodbye the coaching mantle on the Lions tour, but no supporter really thought how hollow it would feel. What’s a Lions tour without the Lion’s Master? Hope to see you McGeechan in Australia 2013…coaching!


RWC Budget Blow-out…Whilst no one could foresee the economic problems of late, many could have seen a loss coming from NZ hosting the 2011 RWC. But close to $NZ30m…


Anglo-Welsh Cup…Whilst the competition hasn’t started yet, is there much point to it, or need for it. We’ve got players injured left, right and centre (just ask England), and a competition we could do fine without whilst protecting the welfare of players.

No Nick Kennedy… How he was left out of England’s Elite Player Squad only Martin Johnson knows. Constantly impressing with stand out performances and should at least have made the England bench next weekend.