FUNCTIONING WITHOUT the morning coffee hit may seem like a distant memory but is it really as difficult as it seems to feel human in the morning pre latte, cappuccino or double espresso?

Whether it’s the taste or the energy boost that has us hooked there’s no denying we could all benefit from a little less coffee in our lives. It’s been reported that too much coffee can lead to a whole host of unpleasant side effects from the obvious sleeplessness to headaches and irritability not to mention the not so desirable tooth staining. However, experiment with a caffeine free, busy day at work and if you’re not snoring at your desk before noon you are likely to be caught by the claws of the post lunch lull.

So if not coffee, what else can we do to give us an energy boost and help power us through the day?

Caffeine replacements

There are a number of caffeine replacements that claim to help us ditch the coffee habit and get us back on track to moderate rather than bucket load consumption. Derived from the native Brazilian herb Guarana it can be purchased and consumed in both tablet and liquid form and is said to replicate the caffeine kick. One tablet before breakfast or a few drops in water should have you cutting your coffee consumption without cutting your workload.

Cold shower wake up calls

A cold shower may be more closely associated with a boiler malfunction than a way to wake up feeling fresh and happy in the morning but there’s no denying the benefits of a cold water wake up. It may be hard to take the plunge into the ice water territory but it’s an age old trick to increasing energy levels helping you start the day refreshed and invigorated. Perhaps ironically, cold water showers have long been linked with helping strengthen immunity levels against colds and flu and may also be able to promote weight loss by increasing normal metabolism levels. What’s more to complement those sparkly whites you’ve got from drinking less coffee cold water can help keep skin and hair healthier – an all-around confidence boost!

Getting out of the office

When rushed off your feet or working to a dead line it’s incredibly tempting to grab lunch at your desk but this can in fact be counterproductive. Getting away from your desk and even better out of the office gives your mind a break helping you become all the more efficient and effective to handle the task in hand upon your return. Taking a ten minute stroll around the block might not excite the mind but it can increase the heart rate and get the blood pumping  to the brain.