Josaia Raisuqe got a little too hyped – and paid the price!

Nevers wing red carded for lifting referee in celebration

The ProD2 in France provided us with something totally different this weekend. Think of the Lion King, but if lifting up Simba was a red card offence.

Nevers were leading 30-25, away to Beziers, when in the dying moments of the game a grinning Josaia Raisuqe got a little too hyped.

He approached match referee Laurent Millotte from behind, under the arms, and lifted him above his shoulders in a move some say is reminiscent of the classic Disney movie.

As you can imagine, the moment has generated a lot of social media chatter – including from players and match officials alike.

We had former England captain Dylan Hartley having a laugh with it, while referee Nigel Owens said if it had happened to him he would make the gag, “I’d want to be on Strictly Come Dancing before I agree to be lifted like that.” Maybe not quite a ‘come and get me plea’ to the producers of Strictly, but how do you think the referee would go on the dancing show?

The moment brought a smile to many.

Do you think anyone in the room will be able to keep a straight face during the disciplinary hearing?

After the match, Nevers boss Xavier Pemeja told the Canal+ television interviewers of Raisuqe’s actions, that: “It’s intolerable. He will be punished by the league’s disciplinary committee.

“I will deal with him. I cannot accept it. What happened at the end there – it’s going to be very bad.”

Anyone want to make a Circle of Life joke, now?

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