The documentary is a must-watch for fans of rugby and beyond

No Woman No Try: Review and how to watch the documentary

No Woman No Try is a brutally honest and vital look into how women’s rugby players are treated and how the game can progress.

The documentary is directed by Richmond player Victoria Rush, who also stars in it, and features players such as Shaunagh Brown, Stef Evans and Alema Zainab. Ugo Monye also appears to speak of the importance of male allyship.

What the documentary highlights is that women’s rugby is one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK but it doesn’t get nearly enough of the investment or respect it deserves. It illustrates this by showing the dedication of players working full-time jobs and also the abuse athletes receive.

For those who don’t follow the sport, they may be unaware of the campaigns launched on social media in retaliation of trolling. It was, therefore, crucial to include the movements of #IAmEnough and #ICare to show what the players are put through, the messages they hear constantly.

While trolling is still an issue for the sport, the documentary did well to say that rugby is inclusive. Evans spoke about horrendous bullying she was subjected to as a child due to how she looked, but when she found rugby she felt as though she belonged. It’s a message all rugby players promote: it’s a sport for everyone.

It’s a valuable message to have on a platform like Amazon for those young players feeling insecure. It is emboldening to hear a player saying it’s what you do with your body that matters rather than how it looks; it’s a much-needed and hugely inspirational message to put across.

For fans already supporting the game, they know women’s rugby and its players are good enough. They are passionate about their clubs and come out in their thousands to cheer them on.

But the emotional speech from Shaunagh Brown at the 2021 Allianz Premier 15s final highlighted once again how the players need to be valued. Just the fact that this documentary has been made shows their voices are needed and it could be a tool that helps inspire many girls to get into rugby.

More films and social media content should be made around women’s rugby. Not only to promote the game and stamp out stigma but to make stars of their athletes. Brown became a household name after one interview with BT Sport in the league final, imagine what could be done with more docs and short films.

The impact of the documentary has been evident on social media and it has received a hugely positive reception.

Brown has responded to the support she has received. “The response from the release of No Woman No Try has been incredible to say the least,” she tweeted. “So much positivity, so much love. There are a lot of tough subjects, emotional moments and time that make you think about yourself and your own actions and yet it’s been so welcomed.”

How to watch No Woman No Try

The documentary was released on 25 March on Amazon Prime.

If you are already subscribed to the streaming service you can watch the hour-long film here.

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