The London 2012 Olympic torch

Lloyds TSB is giving hundreds of sports people who have made a difference in rugby the chance to carry the Olympic Flame in the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.

The London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay will be a 70-day celebration, starting at Land’s End on 19 May 2012, travelling thousands of miles and bringing the spirit and inspiration of the London 2012 Games to hundreds of communities across the UK. Lloyds TSB is inviting the public and customers to nominate somebody who’s made a difference in their local community and inspired others for the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer.

Torchbearers can be nominated for making a difference through several different routes, but Lloyds is particularly keen to encourage the rugby community to consider the people who’ve made a difference to their specific sport.

For example, the rugby coach who’s out in all weathers helping you to perform at your best, the team captain who always ensures the club is represented in major competitions, the committee members who are committed to developing the club and the players who always bring refreshments for the squad are all people within the rugby community who deserve the chance to carry the Olympic flame.

Xavier Vrigneau from Dorset has nominated Paul Fowler because “Paul Fowler was my rugby coach at my old school from 2002-2007. He is an inspirational man and an amazing coach, I have seen him coach some of the best rugby but also instill morals for life into myself and my team mates. I will always remember his words “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!” The most amazing thing however is how he has just overcome a severe case of prostate cancer, but he now continues to coach and teach inspiring others in his life.”

There are unsung heroes like Paul Fowler within the rugby community who deserve the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to carry the London 2012 Olympic Flame. Make sure you nominate them before 12 September to give them that chance. Nominations can be made online via