All you need to know about this weekend's pilot event in Memphis


Premier Rugby Sevens preview: Schedules, TV information and teams

The Premier Rugby Sevens is taking place this Saturday, 9 October, in Memphis as a pilot event ahead of a full schedule in 2022.

North America’s new professional sevens league will include six men’s teams and four women’s teams, and all players will be paid equally. The aim is to run the league in a tour format with one-day events. They will be held in cities across the USA and Canada.

This weekend’s event features lots of of USA sevens players who competed at the Olympics, including Perry Baker, Kristi Kirshe, Stephen Tomasin, Naya Tapper and Martin Iosefo.

Sadly, Carlin Isles is injured so will not play for the Local men’s team, meaning his mouth-watering head-to-head with Baker will have to wait until next year. Abby Gustaitis has also been ruled out by injury for Loggerheads women, but she is in Memphis sharing her expertise.

So how will the event play out and how can you watch? Here’s all you need to know.

Premier Rugby Sevens Preview: The schedule

Men’s event

Loonies v Headlines, Pool A: 10am EST/9am CST/3pm BST

Loggerheads v Local 7s, Pool B: 10.25am EST/9.25am CST/3.25pm BST

Loonies v Team, Pool A: 11.40am EST/10.40am CST/4.40pm BST

Loggersheads v Experts, Pool B: 12.05pm EST/11.05am CST/5.05pm BST

Headliners v Team, Pool A: 1.20pm EST/12.20pm CST/6.20pm BST

Local 7s v Experts, Pool B: 1.45pm EST/12.45pm CST/6.45pm BST

Semi-final: 3.05pm EST/2.05pm CST/8.05pm BST

Semi-final: 3.25pm EST/2.25pm CST/8.25pm BST

Consolation: 4.35pm EST/3.35pm CST/9.35pm BST

Final: 5.25pm EST/4.25pm CST/10.25pm BST

Women’s event

Loggerheads v Headliners: 10.50 EST/9.50 CST/3.50pm BST

Experts v Loonies: 11.15amEST/10.15CST/4.15pm BST

Loonies v Loggerheads: 12.30pm EST/11.30am CST/5.30pm BST

Headliners v Experts: 12.55pm EST/11.55am CST/5.55pm BST

Experts v Loggerheads: 2.15pm EST/1.15pm CST/7.15pm BST

Loonies v Headliners: 2.40pm EST/1.40pm CST/7.40pm BST

Consolation: 4.10pm EST/3.10pm CST/9.10pm BST

Final: 5pm EST/4pm CST/10pm BST

Premier Rugby Sevens preview

Kristi Kirshe will appear at the event this weekend (Getty Images)

Premier Rugby Sevens Preview: The teams

Some teams listed do not have the full 12 players because they haven’t announced the replacements for their injured players.

Men’s teams

Experts: Coach – Justin Hundley. Players – Dave Hightower, Anthony Welmers, Corey Jones, Daniel Thomas, Royaal Jones, Luis Turbyfield, Watson Filikitonga, Logan Tago, Jake Klingelsmith, Noah Bain, Perry Baker (captain), Naima Fuala’au.

Headliners: Coach – Tim Stanfill. Players – Christopher Turori, Norvel (DJ) Stewart, Gavan D’Amore, Nick Boyer, Tim Stanfill, Jake Hidalgo, Folau Niua (captain), Calvin Gentry, Peter Tiberio, Luc Scheck, Terell Johnson, Donovan Norphlet.

Loggerheads: Coach – Colton Carriaga. Players – Lance Williams, Jonas Robinson, Devin Short, Cian Barry, Patrick Madden, Kevon Williams, D’Montae Noble, Tommy Clark,Brendon Curle, Jabaree Leopold, Leon Powell Martin Iosefo.

Loonies: Coach – Sean White. Players – Matt Drzewiecki, Jared Douglas, Devereaux Ferris, Chris Mattina, Shane Moore, Rod Waters, Giovani Douyon, Akinola Raymond, Steve Tomasin (captain), Carmen Consolino, John Powers, David Verburg.

Local: Coach – Peter Sio. Players – Jimmy Haley, Adam Channel, Connor Buckley, Tai Enosa, Marcus Tupuola, Ross Depperschmidt, Patrick Regan, Aymere Oiyemhonlan, Alex Dorrier, Sondai Adjei, Robert Zarcone.

The Team: Coach – Tui Osborne. Players – Aaron Cummings, John Ryberg, Danny Barrett (captain), Cristian Rodriguez, Thomas Isherwood, Jerome Nale, Harley Wheeler, Skyler Mitchell, James Vaifale, Coleson Warner, Aren Martin, ConRoy Smith.

Women’s teams

Experts: Coach – Kate Daley. Players – Sui A’au, Neariah Persinger, Kaitlyn Broughton, Emily Samek, Amanda Berta, Jade McGrath, Summer Harris Jones, Erica Legaspi, Bulou Mataitoga, Bridget Kahahle, Katie Lohaus, Kristi Kirshe (captain).

Headliners: Coach – Andrew Locke. Players – Nicole Strasko, Samantha Sullivan, Katie Johnson, Alena Olsen, Lauren Kenyon, Irayda Karmin Macedo, Naya Tapper (captain, Dana Meschisi, Rachel Strasdas, Lindsey Mahoney, Kristen Thomas, Emily Wessel.

Loggerheads: Coach – Ros Chou. Players – Salote Tausinga, Rachel Pau’u, Isadora Cerullo, Kayla Canett, Steph Rovetti, Jaz Gray, Emerald Maze, Lauren Thunen, Corinne Heavner, Megan Foster, Jessica Lu.

Loonies: Coach – Kelly Griffin. Players – Julia Folk, Cortney Kuehl, Joanne “Nana” Fa’avesi, Delaney Aikens, Alev Kelter (captain), Alex Sedrick, Sarah Levy, Glory Woolley, Hallie Taufoou, Sophia Pyrz, Amanda Hull, Josephine Asumang.

Premier Rugby Sevens Preview: How to watch

If you’re watching in the US, the matches from 10am to 4pm EST will be available on and the Fox Sports app. From 4pm to 6pm EST, Fox Sports 2 will be showing the games live.

In Canada, matches from 10am to 4pm EST will be aired on and the TSN app, with fixtures after 4pm being shown on TSN4.

And if you’re watching outside of North America, the entire event will be available to watch on the Premier Rugby Sevens Facebook page.

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