The job description was posted online for an assistant to Eddie Jones

We are so used to hearing about ‘global searches’ and headhunted hires, but the RFU have taken the step to post an advert for the next England attack coach. Talking today of the move to find his next assistant, boss Eddie Jones said: “At the end of the day we need to find the best coaches for England.”

In the wake of a fifth-place finish in the Six Nations, England parted ways with assistant coaches Simon Amor (attack) and Jason Ryles (skills). Now, the RFU have released a job description detailing the skills needed to coach of England’s elite players alongside Jones, forwards coach Matt Proudfoot and defence coach John Mitchell.

The description explains that the hire will be “responsible for leading England’s attack play and providing specialist skills coaching for all players selected in the senior EPS.

“Leading the development and implementation of England’s attacking system will involve detailed analysis and review work to ensure all players fully understand the plan and can execute it accordingly.  You shall also be responsible for providing a systematic and progressive skill development programme to enhance skill levels in all EPS players.

You will also be an excellent team-orientated coach with the ability to contribute and add value in areas outside of your immediate responsibility.”

For the time being though, according to Jones, the head coach will take on attack coaching for the summer Tests. He told the BBC: “I coached attack from 2016 until 2018, until (former attack coach) Scott Wisemantel took over. So we are just winding back the clock a little bit there, because I want our attack to be able to adapt to how the game is going.

“The game is going in a quicker, more instinctive way, and I think at the moment I am probably the best person to do that.

“I will need an assistant in the future and will maybe need someone to take it over in the future. But for this period of time, where I want to set some stones in place for the foundation, I think I am the best person to do it.”

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