The magazine will be published quarterly and feature articles in English and Georgian


Rugby World Georgia launches

Rugby World celebrated its 60th birthday in 2020 and has now hit a new milestone with the news that a Georgian edition of the magazine will be published from next year.

Rugby World Georgia launched in Tbilisi last week and the first issue of the new magazine will go on sale at the end of January 2022. There will also be a new website, which is due to go live at the end of December.

It will be published once a quarter, featuring articles in both English and Georgian, and is part of a joint venture between the Georgia Rugby Union, Future Georgia LLC and the Rugby Journalists’ League.

Rugby World editor Sarah Mockford said: “Georgia are one of the coming forces in world rugby and the sport is proving ever more popular in the country – the union recently announced a plan to build 100 new pitches. I’m excited to see how the Rugby World Georgia project develops and hope it can further increase interest in the sport.”

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Georgia Rugby Union (GRU) president Ioseb Tkemaladze said: “I’m sure that the bilingual magazine published in Georgia will significantly increase the rugby audience in Georgia and satisfy their interest, as well as play an important role in the international arena – in promoting Georgian sports, culture and business.”

The launch of the new magazine was attended by Georgia greats, including former captain Mamuka Gorgodze and one of the founders of the GRU, Givi Mrelashvili.

Rugby World Georgia launches

Former Georgia skipper Mamuka Gorgodze and GRU founder Givi Mrelashvili (Irakli Tkemaladze)

Rugby World Georgia will feature both Georgia-specific content as well as features from the UK edition. The Rugby Journalists’ League was founded by prominent Georgian sports journalists Temur Japharidze, Zaal Gigineishvili, Besik Jangavadze, Zura Ksovreli and Luka Chochua, while Future Georgia LLC is headed by David Samsonidze. They will publish the magazine together with the GRU.

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