Rugby World are recruiting an exclusive group of people to play a big role in the future direction of the world’s best-selling rugby magazine. This is your chance to be involved by attending one of the regional focus groups we are holding in London and the Cardiff area at the beginning of August.

1.   Do you subscribe or purchase Rugby World on a regular basis — at least two issues purchased this year?

2.   We are not interested in anyone who reads someone else’s copy or have read it at some time in the past. We want people who actively buy the magazine on an occasional basis and have bought at least 2 copies this year.

3.   If so, would you be prepared to take part in a Focus Group discussion about Rugby World? You will be paid in cash and it will take about two hours of your time, in the evening at a location in central London.

4.   It will mean us sending you a copy of Rugby World in advance for you to read for the session, but other than that there is no work besides offering your honest opinions, which we are really interested to hear.

5.   If you would like to be involved, please email your telephone number and home or e-mail address to, so we can contact you to discuss this further.