john mitchellThe Emirates Western Force is shocked at the news that former Head Coach John Mitchell was the subject of a violent home burglary in Johannesburg over the weekend and suffered two stab wounds.

Mitchell, former England coach and the Emirates Western Force inaugural coach, is in Johannesburg coaching the Golden Lions Currie Cup side and was recently granted a release from the final year of his coaching contract at the Force to take up three year deal with the South African club.

RugbyWA CEO Vern Reid said the entire rugby community in Western Australia was dismayed at the news of the incident and wished Mitchell a speedy recovery.

“We were absolutely shocked when we learnt what happen to John in South Africa,” Mr Reid said.

“It’s one of those things that you hear about but certainly don’t expect them to happen to people that you know.

“We haven’t yet spoken to John directly as both his mobile phone and laptop was stolen however we have been in contact with his wife and manager.

“Obviously John was pretty shaken up by the whole event and realistically I think he considers himself to be pretty lucky to have got out of that situation relatively lightly, albeit that he was stabbed in the thigh and arm.

“We’re of the understanding that John will be back on his feet quickly and able to return to his duties with the Lions in the near future which is a positive outcome.”