A new wireless mobile phone charger incorporates a radiation shield. In partnership with SleepHalo™


SleepHalo phone charger features radiation protection

A recent YouGov survey found that 63% of people admit to feeling concerned about radiation emitted from mobile phones, so the world’s first inductive loop wireless charger could shake up the industry.

The makers of SleepHalo™ say it incorporates electromagnetic field shielding and deflects the associated radiation emitted from mobile devices away from the bed whilst also charging the phone.

The product works with any mobile phone as either a wireless charger with radiation protection or, where a phone does not have wireless charging capability, a radiation shield with the phone plugged in to its own charging cable.

It has already impressed the likes of England and Tottenham footballer Harry Kane, who recently tweeted about the product.

SleepHalo™ was developed by David Clark, who said: “I started looking for answers when my wife began suffering from chronic night-time migraines. After further exploration, we found that moving both our mobile phones well away from the bedside helped relieve her symptoms.

“So, this got me thinking and I decided to find a working solution that allowed us to continue to charge our phones, which we needed for alarms and emergencies, but without the pain of frequent nightly migraines.”

He developed a radiation shield that incorporated a wireless charger, which led to the creation of SleepHalo™.

Clark added: “With more and more devices, such as car navigation and digital broadcasting, relying on radiowaves, I think radiation shields are going to become more commonplace.

“People are not going to stop using the technology as our lives have become so dependent on it, so we need to find a smarter way to accommodate it and certainly from the feedback we’ve had about SleepHalo™, people appear to share our concerns and want this reassurance.”

SleepHalo™, which is produced by Angel Electronics, is priced £39.99 for one and £69.99 for a twin pack. For further information, or to purchase the item, visit www.sleephalo.com

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