Trailer for the latest ‘Pioneers’ sevens rugby documentary

Building up to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, HSBC have released a trailer to their next instalment of the ‘Pioneers’ documentary series with USA Sevens.

In 2018, HSBC released films (parts one and two) that followed the USA men’s team’s attempt to take home the Rugby World Cup Sevens title in San Francisco. Airing exclusively on NBC in the US, the documentary contributed to the three-day tournament becoming the most-watched live rugby broadcast ever in the USA, reaching 9 million viewers.

Part three looks ahead to Tokyo, but also pays close attention to he effors of their women’s team. Having won on home soil at the HSBC Glendale Sevens in October, the USA women’s team have grand ambitions.

Emilie Bydwell, Women’s High Performance Director from the USA Rugby said: “It’s hugely exciting for the Women’s program to be featured in the upcoming edition of ‘The Pioneers’. Both the Women’s and the Men’s sevens program have an opportunity this summer to change rugby in America with medal performances. The legacy for the Women’s team transcends medals as we look to inspire our communities to be brave, ignite a love for rugby and the culture it represents and unite the country – even if just for a 14 minute game. As a program, our culture is brave, and we hope that through being featured in ‘The Pioneers’, people can gain insight into our purpose, our players and our values.”

the documentary is due to air latter in the year.

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