World Rugby's Coaching Intervention Panel can help players reduce bans for dangerous tackles

World Rugby’s Coaching Intervention Panel, also known as ‘tackle school’, is a programme designed to help educate players and improve their tackle technique after they have received a red card for a dangerous tackle and, if completed, can help them reduce the severity of their bans.

World Rugby introduced the initiative in 2021 with the aim of “amplifying awareness of the importance of technique and encouraging players and coaches to practice tackle technique that carries a statistically lower injury risk, reducing the number of red cards over time.”

It initially started as a one-year pilot programme in conjunction with the autumn internationals but has been continued for elite competitions that use HIA protocol.

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What is the World Rugby Coaching Intervention Panel aka tackle school?

Any player that has a red card or citing upheld by the disciplinary panel can apply for their sanction to be mitigated by attending ‘tackle school’ where they will be coached how to make positive modifications to their technique to prevent further offences and injury.

A players’ time with World Rugby’s Coaching Intervention Panel will be overseen by an independent expert coaching review group and is only available once.

Players will work with one of their coaches and video evidence used to demonstrate what changes they have made to their tackle technique. If the coaching intervention is successfully completed then a reduction of one week/match can be applied to the player’s ban.

Many have heralded it as rugby’s version of a speed awareness course for drivers caught breaking the limit, where a fee is paid to attend the course rather than receiving points on your licence.

Owen Farrell tackle school

Owen Farrell will have his four-match ban reduced to three if he completes ‘tackle school’ (BT Sport)

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