We’re not sure anyone had Willem Dafoe in Cardiff on their Six Nations bingo card, but this wonderful, mad tournament throws up all sorts every year. So one of the more left-field celeb spots feels about right.

And it’s tough to know what to say to that – as match commentator Andrew Cotter discovered when the cameras panned to the wild-eyed actor during the already bizarre match, that Scotland just skooshed by a point, 27-26.

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Apart from catching himself pronouncing Willem in more of a South African style (giving the W a V sound at first) the commentary panel merely speculated that plenty of filming is done in Cardiff and Bristol, so the Hollywood actor may have a work reason to be at the bonkers match.

Willem Dafoe in Cardiff

American actor Willem Dafoe at the Principality Stadium (Getty Images)

Later, Cotter took to X (formerly Twitter) to say the above – with a follow-up Tweet, saying: “Goddam learned that the hard way. *takes another swig from bottle”.

But upon seeing Willem Dafoe in Cardiff, the good people of the internet couldn’t resist making gags about it.

You know, I’m something of a rugby fan myself
byu/airjordanpeterson inrugbyunion

Both on Reddit and X, fans enjoyed using the line “You know, I’m something of a rugby fan myself”  a reference to the first Tobey Maguire-led Spider-man movie, in which Dafoe (who plays the Green Goblin) utters the meme-friendly line, “You know, I’m something of a scientist myself.”

And there were plenty of other posts – with a heavy nod to gifs…

So the bar has been set for these Six Nations. Who will turn up next? To be more surreal than Willem Dafoe at the Principality will take some doing, mind.

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