Who will be victorious?

Women’s Six Nations round three predictions are here. This year’s tournament has produced some closely fought matches and this round should be no different.

Scotland are a much improved side in this year’s tournament and will be able to challenge themselves against England. Both Ireland and Wales have struggled slightly and will want to claim a result. And finally Italy will want to compound on their winning momentum as they travel to France.

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But what are the predictions? Read them below.

Women’s Six Nations round three predictions: Scotland to close gap

Match: Scotland v England, 13 April, 2.15pm BST

Prediction: Scotland 10-35 England

Venue: Hive Stadium (Capacity 6,500)

Recent history

2023 W6N: England 58-7 Scotland

2022 W6N: Scotland 5-57 England

2021 W6N: England 52-10 Scotland

2020 W6N: Scotland 0-53 England

2019 W6N: England 80-0 Scotland

Scotland are the talk of this year’s tournament after their uptick in results. They defeated Wales for the first time in the tournament away from home for 20 years in the opening round. They then backed that up with a narrow defeat to France in round two. The team now will measure their improvement against the best team in the competition, England.

The Red Roses have had the perfect start to the tournament in terms of results. Round one was not the complete performance but they corrected the ship against Wales in round two. Scotland will have a job on their hands to overcome their rivals and England should edge it but the hosts could potentially show they are closing the gap.

Team news:

England: Ellie Kildunne; Abby Dow, Megan Jones, Tatyana Heard, Jess Breach; Holly Aitchison, Natasha Hunt; Hannah Botterman, Amy Cokayne, Maud Muir, Rosie Galligan, Abbie Ward, Zoe Aldcroft, Sadia Kabeya, Alex Matthews

Replacements: Connie Powell, Mackenzie Carson, Kelsey Clifford, Maddie Feaunati, Marlie Packer, Lucy Packer, Zoe Harrison, Sydney Gregson

Scotland: Chloe Rollie; Rhona Lloyd, Emma Orr, Meryl Smith, Coreen Grant; Helen Nelson, Caity Mattinson; Leah Bartlett, Lana Skeldon, Christine Belisle, Emma Wassell, Louise McMillan, Rachel Malcolm, Alex Stewart, Evie Gallagher.

Replacements: Molly Wright, Elis Martin, Elliann Clarke, Fiona McIntosh, Rachel McLachlan, Mairi McDonald, Lisa Thomson, Francesca McGhie

Nations bid for first win

Match: Ireland v Wales, 13 April, 4.45pm BST

Prediction: Ireland 15-22 Wales

Venue: Virgin Media Park (Capacity 8,008)

Recent history

2023 W6N: Wales 31-5 Ireland

2022 W6N: Ireland 19-27 Wales

2021 W6N: Wales 0-45 Ireland

2020 W6N: Ireland 31-12 Wales

2019 W6N: Wales 24-5 Ireland

Both Wales and Ireland are targeting their first win of the tournament. Wales narrowly lost to Scotland in the opening round and England convincingly beat them in round two. Ireland, meanwhile, have lost to France and Italy so far but put up a good fight against both oppositions.

The match should be a close one but Wales should win it, potentially in the last 20 minutes of the game. It is set to be a thriller but with Wales’ professionalism further along they will be favourites. Ireland definitely have the stars to do it, in particular with Sam Monaghan, and so are capable of an upset.

Team news:

Ireland: Lauren Delany; Katie Corrigan, Eve Higgins, Enya Breen, Béibhinn Parsons; Dannah O’Brien, Aoibheann Reilly, Linda Djougang, Neve Jones, Christy Haney, Dorothy Wall, Sam Monaghan, Aoife Wafer, Edel McMahon, Brittany Hogan.

Replacements: Clíodhna Moloney, Niamh O’Dowd, Sadhbh McGrath, Fiona Tuite, Shannon Ikahihifo, Molly Scuffil-McCabe, Nicole Fowley, Aoife Dalton

Wales: Jenny Hesketh, Jasmine Joyce, Hannah Jones (Captain), Kerin Lake, Carys Cox, Lleucu George, Keira Bevan; Gwenllian Pyrs, Carys Phillips, Sisilia Tuipulotu, Abbie Fleming, Georgia Evans, Alisha Butchers, Alex Callender (Lieutenant), Bethan Lewis.

Subs: Molly Reardon, Abbey Constable, Donna Rose, Natalia John, Gwennan Hopkins, Sian Jones, Kayleigh Powell, Courtney Keight.

Italy hunt shock result

Match: France v Italy, 14 April, 3pm BST

Prediction: France 25-10 Italy

Venue: Stade Jean Bouin (Capacity 19,904)

Recent history

2023 W6N: Italy 12-22 France

2022 W6N: France 39-6 Italy

2021 W6N: Not contested because of edited format because of Covid

2020 W6N: France 45-10 Italy

2019 W6N: Italy 31-12 France

Italy are heading into their clash with France off of the back of a tight win over Ireland. They lost the England in the opening round but bounced back in round two. They face tough opposition in round three though, especially as France will be looking to prove themselves.

France defeated Ireland and then only just beat Scotland. Their performances have not been complete yet and they will want to put on a show for the home crowd. With that in mind, France will be tipped as favourites.

They are yet to reach their full potential with their attack stifled, particularly against Scotland. If Italy can replicate Scotland’s defence but ignite some of their own attack the match could go down to the wire. But with the facts we have, combined with recent results, France should take all five points.

Team news:

France: Emilie Boulard; Marine Ménager, Nassira Konde, Gabrielle Vernier, Mélissande Llorens; Lina Queyroi, Pauline Bourdon Sansus; Annaëlle Deshaye, Agathe Sochat, Assia Khalfaoui, Manae Feleu, Madoussou Fall, Charlotte Escudero, Emeline Gros, Romane Ménager.

Replacements: Elisa Riffoneau, Ambre Mwayembe, Clara Joyeux, Gaëlle Hermet, Teani Feleu, Alexandra Chambon, Lina Tuy, Morgane Bourgeois

Italy: Vittoria Ostuni Minuzzi; ⁠Aura Muzzo; Beatrice Rigoni, Emma Stevanin; Alyssa D’Incà; Veronica Madia, Sofia Stefan; Gaia Maris, Vittoria Vecchini, ⁠Sara Seye, Valeria Fedrighi, Giordana Duca, Sara Tounesi, Isabella Locatelli, Ilaria Arrighetti

Replacements: Laura Gurioli, Emanuela Stecca, Lucia Gai, Alessia Pilani, Beatrice Veronese, Alessandra Frangipani, Francesca Granzotto, Beatrice Capomaggi

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