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Asics Gel-Lethal Speed



  • Stable and comfortable when jumping, sprinting and sidestepping, these are the perfect boots for a back-three player


  • Not ideal for kicking or playing on a boggy pitch. Not one for the front-five forwards


ASICS Gel-Lethal Speed review

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Developed especially for the 2015 Rugby World Cup and worn by the prolific Israel Folau, the ASICS Gel-Lethal Speed boot is a great option for the fast and dynamic players in the back line.

The lightweight upper of the boot make them perfect for any player under the high ball and for those who love to make devastating breaks in attack.

The 10mm heel raise will help you build up that lethal speed when you spot the gap in defence and attack the space, and there is enough support in the ankle for when you want to make that quick side-step.

The design of the boot puts your bodyweight on the forefront of your feet to reduce the stress on your lower limbs whilst at top speed, and the renowned Gel cushioning from ASICS dissipates shock whilst you’re in full flight.

But make no mistake, the ASICS Gel-Lethal Speed are also tough enough so you won’t need to worry about any foot injuries when you fly into those tackles. Padded protection over the big toe ensures extra protection whilst maintaining a maximum level of comfort for the entire 80 minutes.

And ASICS have given maximum attention to detail and have even strategically positioned the studs specifically to cater for the most elusive players for maximum velocity and traction.

So when you break the defensive line, sprint for the try line or race back to make that try-saving tackle, you’ll be glad that you chose the ASICS Gel-Lethal Speed rugby boots.


Buy these if you are a flying wing or full-back who now wants to really stand out