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Canterbury Control Elite



  • Cheaper than the better-known competition in the boot market, the Control Elites do exactly what it says on the tin


  • Not as sleek or as accurate as it's more expensive competition, a playmaker cannot bank totally on performance with these bright numbers


Canterbury Control Elite review

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If you’re a playmaker looking for a more affordable boot that still contains some of the modern day, game-changing technology, the Canterbury Control Elite is the boot for you.

Specifically designed for playmakers in the back line, the asymmetrical lacing pattern and the strike zone on the inside of the foot make it similar to the adidas Predator Incurza boot.

The EVA pre-moulded sock liner give excellent cushioning and support in the mid-foot and the TPU Pre-Moulded Heel Lining offers essential heel support and also stabilises movement and power through the ankles.

Kickers will feel the benefit of the 3D rubberized print on the forefoot of the boot that will provide them with extra accuracy and control whilst kicking, whether that be kicking for goal or an out of hand kick for territory.

The traditional six-stud sole pattern isn’t revolutionary or innovative, but it does a job in even the wettest conditions, whilst also offering stability in the rear foot and flexibility to enhance speed and agility.

Added in is a narrowly designed lasting board made with top grade waterproof nylon that will keep your feet dry in wet conditions and not cause the boots to retain any water.

Retailing at £85.99, the Canterbury Control Elite is a fantastic solution for a kicker who is looking for a more affordable boot that still offers a lightweight, durable and sleek design that can compete with the leading boot brands in the rugby market.


Has some nice performance-enhancing touches, but not as reliable as more expensive options. A good practice boot