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Gilbert Ignite Touch



  • Innovative stud placements and surprisingly comfortable, these don't cost the earth


  • They do look cheap compared to other boots in the market and may not last a whole season


Gilbert Ignite Touch review

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Gilbert pride themselves on being able to offer a choice of footwear to players of all positions and all levels. Continuing with that tradition, the Gilbert Ignite Touch has been designed for use by backs with speed and control of the ball in mind.

We were pretty surprised by these boots. They are a step in a new direction for Gilbert, with more modern technology being used to construct the Ignite Touch, including a varied stud pattern and a strike zone especially designed for kickers.

The stud pattern is specifically designed for rugby and will cope well in the harshest of conditions, and the combination of the traditional six-stud pattern along with extra moulded studs provides excellent traction. Added into the unique sole design is an extra stud at the very front of the boot that provides essential added traction whilst accelerating.

The upper is a light and durable synthetic material made from MIcroPU technology that ensures comfort, stability and flexibility all at the same time. It may look a little tacky. but these details all combine make this an ideal boot choice for the backs that like to run the game (but doesn’t have deep pockets).

Featured on the inside of the boot is a strike zone specifically designed to aid a kicker in control and accuracy with their kicking game, and the heel support at the rear of the boot ensure maximum comfort and protection whilst committed in defence.

Inside the boot, a full length Ionic foam foot bed which, we are told, will mould to the shape of your foot once broken in to ensure comfort, as well as maximising energy whilst your foot is planted to give an explosive response.


Give these a go if you are transitioning between boots or a little short of cash – they may surprise you