Name the 12 stars with ten or more tries across World Cups

There are twelve male players with ten tries at Rugby World Cups over their careers. But can you name them all?

There are four Australians, three New Zealanders, a South African, a French star, an Englishman, a Samoan, and a Welsh hero on this list.

Try our quiz below. All you have to do is type the name you think is right into the top bar of the quiz, and if it’s right it’ll turn green. However, you are against the clock so be quick!

Scoring ten tries at Rugby World Cups

There are some icons on this list – the name right at the top of the list rolls off the tongue.

Of that player, former Springboks fly-half Joel Stransky has said: “He was huge, he was quick and he was skilful. In a sport of physicality and confrontation – a massive advantage – the All Blacks made brilliant use of his presence.

“To play against him was more stressful than you can imagine. Not just because one would need to tackle (the famous player), which was not an inviting thought, but he drew defenders to him, which left other great players around him in space. (His) presence changed defensive structures and strategies forever.”

Scoring ten tries at Rugby World Cups is a hell of an ask. So fair play to those on this list.

In terms of volumes of tires, did you know that there were 285 tries scored across the whole tournament in 2019.

Welsh star Josh Adams isn’t onto the list above (yet) but he was the top scorer in the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, with seven to his name.

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