Can you name the sides based on these logos stripped of any words?

Think you know your stuff when it comes to identifying teams? Well why not test yourself with our rugby badges quiz! Sure, there are some obvious ones here, but we’ve thrown in a few tricky numbers too.

Simply type who you think the team is, in the answer bar, and if you’re right, it will update with a correct answer and move onto the next one. Get it wrong and you’ll get the opportunity to keep typing until you get it, before you decide to move on. You can also toggle which answers you want to give next… And don’t worry, it will give you a chance to try and answer them all.

Try out our rugby badges quiz right here.

How did you get on? There are a few doozies in there, for sure.

Naming the rugby badges is tough!

As we have seen lately, naming sports club badges can be tough.

As part of the NFL’s release of schedules for the upcoming American Football season, the Tennessee Titans franchise produced a video on who they would be facing, but with a twist. Stripping out the names of teams, they asked tourists to name each team. With some… varied responses.

And of course rugby clubs have spotted the trend and run with it.

As you can see above, the Bristol Bears gave this ago, with a whole host of answers given. How about Gryffindor and Fenerbahçe?!

Well, as you’ve just learnt, it can be tough remembering so many teams – especially if we throw a few curveballs in there for good measure.

We hope you enjoyed our rugby badges quiz and if there are any other types of rugby quizzes you would like to see, let us know on social media!

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