Some team’s lineouts go off like clockwork, with star forwards fitting into the right space at the right time, withe the calls perfectly understood. You see Ireland doing this brilliantly, with Paul O’Connell‘s troops knowing precisely where they must go.

However, if you get there as part of this wonderful ballet, but cannot lift well, all the hard work and planning will be for nothing. You cannot ignore the importance of nailing your lineout lift. It must be dynamic, quick, stable and able to boost a jumper high. So we thought we’d help you with this, giving you three exercises to do in the gym that will help you achieve your lifting goals come set-piece time. Follow these exercises and you should see your boosting improve.

The lads are Performance Pro gym in London take some time out to show you how to work on your goblet squat, thrusters and wallball throws. Have a gander and try it yourself. Hopefully these exercises can help you realise your potential in your lineouts.

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