AN ENGINE. That’s what we all like about good flankers. They keep chugging along, late in the game. The best back-rowers are the ones who knock attackers down and pop up, back to their feet almost instantly. Hit, bounce, hit, bounce, hit, bounce goes the rhythm as they tackle and get up again and again.

We’ve seen Sam Warburton do if for the Cardiff Blues and Wales a lot. Forget any run or big decision: it’s Warburton’s ability to keep getting to his feet that is so impressive.

There is a specific type of conditioning that goes into being a bobo-doll of a defender. Trotting around the park and throwing tin around won’t really get you to Test level bouncebackability. So here are three exercises you can do work on it.

Please note, you don’t need too much kit to do these exercises. If you don’t have a sandbag, a mate will do! You will also need a dumb-bell or kettle-bell to do the Turkish get-ups. Good luck – you will be springing up after a tackle like the best breakaways in no time!

For more details – and a challenge that you can do with your friends – see the February 2015 issue of Rugby World.