There are a few sights that you only get in rugby – the lineout, the scrum and the maul. Now the maul can be held up as the refuge of the boring, but when done properly by sides like England it can also be a devastating weapon.

Now, if you or your team want to improve on your mauling, you have to have a succesful lineout and drill yourselves to work well as a unit, with everyone knowing where they slot in once the ball has been won and jumpers brought back to earth. You will also have to work on your individual driving technique.

We can’t stand over you and coach you through this – there are some things you have to do on your own. But we can give you three exercises to help you improve your strength in this area of play.

The lads are Performance Pro gym in London show you how to work on your three-point row, your weighted rope pull and also a back squat. Take a look. Hopefully these exercises can help you realise your potential in the set-piece.

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