DAN COLE is regarded as one of the best scrummagers of his generation, with the Leicester Tigers and England tighthead prop considered a must-have starter for his national side. He’s put in hours of toil to hone his technique and has gotten to his current position because he’s been through the ringer in games more than once.
Obviously that aspect is importnat; you need game time to perfect the arts of scrummaging. But there are also a few exercises you can use in the gym that can help. In fact there are a lot of exercises you can try, but the boys at Performance Pro gym have hand-picked three for you budding scrummagers to try.
Mat from the gym near Oxford Circus in London, gives us the deadlift, sled push and swiss ball plank. The deadlift ensures a strong core as you work on keeping a rigid back and tight glutes, with your shoulders pinned back, as you stand up with a weighted bar. The sled push uses much of the same principles, but with an added element of fatigue and drive from each foot. The swiss ball plank again helps with your core – don’t you dare arch that back!
Try these out and check the June issue of Rugby World for a challenge to take on with your prop pals.
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