BANG. The pass is gone. It’s gone a long way, too. Because the top scrum-halves in world rugby can get that ball moving at pace when the pressure is on, and accuracy aside, can chuck that pill a long way.

We’ve seen Conor Murray do it time and again for Ireland and Munster. When the pressure is on the No 9 has been able to get his team moving, and not only with tidy little flicks and dinks to his rampaging forwards, but also to his fly-half comrade standing much further away, screaming for a quick, long pass because he has spotted a gap.

Obviously there is an element of strength training that can help a scrum-half put a bit more mustard on their pass – as well as repeatedly working on the skill of passing in its simplest form, with team-mates – so we have come up with three such exercises to put some muscle behind your assists.

Good luck with these three medicine ball-toting gym exercises – you will be firing the ball halfway across the pitch like Conor Murray in no time!

For more details – and a challenge that you can do with your friends – see the March 2015 issue of Rugby World.