A video showing mini rugby players how to anchor

We all know how prevalent jacklers have become in the game – most teams like to have a snaffling seven to steal ball at the breakdown. The likes of David Pocock and Sam Warburton are masters of this art. So how do you stop them?

When a team-mate goes to ground, the first support player should provide an ‘anchor’ to try to prevent the first arriving opposition player to get to the ball. They need to get over the ball and get a strong stance so they cannot be driven off – well, at least not easily. That way you avoid turnovers and create quick ball to attack with.

Watch the below video to see mini rugby players demonstrating this skill and then practise it in training – can you hold off a defender at the breakdown?

This is the latest in the step-by-step guides featured in Rugby World magazine explaining to mini rugby players how to perform various skills to help develop their overall game. Mini rugby coach Nigel Botherway also provides details of different training games minis can play, which are fun and help to improve skill levels.

We have also produced videos showing mini players performing various skills so you can practise replicating what they do to learn the correct technique and improve your game.

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