A video showing mini rugby players how to tackle low

Everyone has seen clips of a defender trying to tackle a ball-carrier but going too high and being brushed aside. Tackle a player low, wrapping your arms tight around their legs, and they will not be able to keep running. In fact, this technique works best when tackling the bigger players – whether at mini rugby level or in the professional game.

So how do you perfect it? Firstly, you need to get close to the ball-carrier – and be aggressive with your line speed. Unlike tag rugby, you can’t stretch to make a low tackle; you need to be close to the ball-carrier so that you can make the tackle with the necessary force. Otherwise they will be able to slip out of the tackle or run past you.

This video shows mini rugby players demonstrating this tackle technique. Watch it to see how it’s done and then work on it in training – first off, walk through it with a partner to get to grips with the best positioning and then slowly increase the speed until you’re practising the tackle in real time. Then it will be time to try it out in a match.

In every issue of Rugby World magazine you will find step-by-step guides on how to perform various skills to help mini rugby players develop their overall game. Mini rugby coach Nigel Botherway also provides details of different training games minis can play, which are fun and help to improve skill levels.

We have also produced videos showing mini players performing various skills so you can practise replicating what they do to learn the correct technique and improve your game.

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