A video showing mini rugby players how to grubber kick

A well-placed grubber kick can be the best way to puncture a tight defence. Kick the ball behind the opposition defenders and they have to turn while your team-mates can race onto it and look to capitalise on any open space, especially if they get to the ball first.

Watch this video to see a mini rugby player demonstrating this skill. A good way to practise your accuracy is aim kicks along a line on the pitch – halfway or a touchline for example – and see how close you can keep the ball to the white paint. Try kicking along the line to a team-mate who can then practise his technique by kicking it back to you. When you’ve got the accuracy perfected, you can try it out in a match situation.

In every issue of Rugby World magazine you will find step-by-step guides on how to perform various skills to help mini rugby players develop their overall game. Mini rugby coach Nigel Botherway also provides details of different training games minis can play, which are fun and help to improve skill levels.

We have also produced videos showing mini players performing various skills so you can practise replicating what they do to learn the correct technique and improve your game.

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