Mini rugby players can learn how to clear out at the breakdown with this video

The 2015 World Cup showed just how important players’ ability to win turnover ball at the breakdown can be as it allows sides to catch opponents on the hop, when they are still lined up to attack rather than defend. So how do you counteract the David Pococks and Richie McCaws and Michael Hoopers of the game?

The key to stopping those masters of the breakdown is to clear them out before they have a chance to steal the ball. This video shows mini rugby players how defenders should clear out a player who’s trying to latch onto the ball at a ruck. Crucial points include getting into a low body position and driving up to remove the player.

This is just one of a series of videos Rugby World has put together to show mini rugby players how to perform various skills, from the switch to the two-on-one. The aim is to help improve players’ all-round game.

Every month Rugby World magazine features a ‘How To’ guide on a specific technique and a fun game to use in training that will keep the players entertained and help develop skills like the teamwork, communication, support play and evasive running.

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