This is a great set play, with plenty of variations, that mini rugby players can try out in matches

Players often loop around each other to try to outnumber defences and break the line – and post moves incorporate a loop.

Post moves can be used at restarts or when your team is awarded a penalty – or from the set-piece. In fact, they are a versatile attacking weapon – and you can use different variations to keep defences guessing.

The crucial element is for the player who first receives the ball to step into the pass and turn their back on the opposition so that the defenders cannot see the ball.

The standard move sees the receiver then pop the ball back to the team-mate who first passed them the ball and they then send the ball out wide. The defence should have been drawn to the first receiver and won’t be able to see the ball popped up, therefore they can be outnumbered if the ball is shipped quickly.

If you run this is a few times in a game, it’s good to mix it up later on to confuse the defenders. The player on the loop can pass to a support player hitting the line on an angle, wrong-footing defenders who might be expecting the ball to go wide. Or the receiver can turn his back as if he’s going to produce a pop pass again but then quickly turn around and break as the defence wait for it to be spread wide.

In this video you can see a group of mini players demonstrating all three options – and you can probably come up with some variations of your own too.

This is just one of a series of videos Rugby World has put together to show mini rugby players how to perform various skills, from different passes to the switch and the two-on-one. The aim is to help improve players’ all-round game.

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