Learn how to jump correctly at lineout time

Victor Matfield has long been known as a lineout master and the next generation of South Africa locks is following in his footsteps, Lood de Jager winning more lineouts (32) than any other player during the 2015 World Cup.

The lineout is a key source of possession for teams – get all the parts working correctly in your opponents’ half and it can help create try-scoring opportunities. As well as getting the throw right, the jump needs to be timed perfectly too – and these are skills you can learn as a mini rugby player.

So if you want to leap like Lood, watch this video to find out how it’s done. And getting good height on a jump doesn’t mean standing there with your hands above your head – start with them by your side, with your knees bent, and then use your arms to gain extra height when you take off the ground.

This is just one of a series of videos Rugby World has put together to show mini rugby players how to perform various skills, from the switch to the two-on-one. The aim is to help improve players’ all-round game.

Every month Rugby World magazine features a ‘How To’ guide on a specific technique and a fun game to use in training that will keep the players entertained and help develop skills like the teamwork, communication, support play and evasive running.

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