A video showing mini rugby players how to kick for goal

JONNY WILKINSON was famous for his unerring goalkicking and his pose as he stood in front of the tee – he’s even been brought in to work with England‘s kickers during the Six Nations. Dan Biggar‘s pre-kick routine was put to music during the World Cup and described as the ‘Biggarena’ while Ayumu Goromaru‘s success rate in front of the posts has inspired people across Japan to mimic his stance.

That’s how the stars do it – but for mini rugby players it’s all about getting the basics right first. If you want to become an accurate goalkicker, it’s important to get the placement of the ball right on the tee, make good contact with the ball and follow through cleanly. Take a look at the video above to watch a young player demonstrating the skill.

In terms of setting the ball on the tee, use the seam as a guide to face the target and lean the ball slightly forward. It can take time to find your best routine to approach the ball, but a good starting point is to take four steps back and two to the side so that you’re at a 45-degree angle to the ball.

Make sure your non-kicking foot is planted solidly as you prepare to kick and make contact with the ball with the knuckle of your foot – just above your big toe. Then kick through the ball towards the target.

This is just one of a series of videos Rugby World has put together to show mini rugby players how to perform various skills, from gripping the ball to the two-on-one. The aim is to help improve young players’ all-round game.

Every month Rugby World magazine features a ‘How To’ guide on a specific technique and a fun game to use in training that will keep the players entertained and help develop skills like teamwork, communication, support play and evasive running.

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