A video showing mini rugby players how to tackle and jackal

The ‘jackal’ has become extremely common in modern rugby parlance. Players like David Pocock, of Australia, and Wales captain Sam Warburton are lauded the world over for their ability to steal the ball in a contact situation. Even if they don’t win the ball, they often win a penalty because the speed with which they latch onto the ball often leads to the tackled player holding on.

The key to perfecting the jackal is the speed with which you get back to your feet – too slow and support players will have arrived to help their tackled team-mate and form a ruck. You need to bounce straight up after making the tackle so you can then go for the ball – and spreading your arms or even clapping your hands demonstrates to the referee that you have released the player before trying to steal possession.

Watch the video below to see mini rugby players demonstrating this skill.

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