A video showing mini rugby players how to use their head when taking and giving a pass

Even at the top level of the game, rugby players can throw intercept passes which cost their team tries. So how do you avoid an opposition player picking off your pass? Use your head!

Instead of taking and giving a pass in one motion, turn your head once you catch the ball to check the pass is on and that your team-mate is ready. When practising, turn your head as soon as you catch the ball, then execute the pass.

This video shows you how…

Here are the four key steps to follow to make sure you successfully execute a pass:

  1. With your hands up, make a target for the passer and call for the ball.
  2. As you catch the ball, swivel your head before passing it on.
  3. Check that the pass is on – look at where defenders are positioned and that your team-mate is ready.
  4. If it’s all clear, give the pass. Chase the pass, with your hands pointing at the receiver, to ensure accuracy.

This is the latest Rugby World step-by-step guide, where coach Nigel Botherway explains to mini rugby players how to perform various skills to help develop their game. Previous skills include the grubber kick, the jackal and the sidestep – to see more of the videos, click here.

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