London Irish community coach Mike Crump gets the players started

We’ve assessed them physically and given them the ideal gym workout – now it’s time to hone their skills. Eton Manor, the Essex club who won our competition to get their season on track, spent a day at London Irish recently in a bid to pick up some tips from the pros.

Were there any chinks to be ironed out in the lineout? Irish’s Richard Thorpe and Jebb Sinclair were ready to help Eton Manor soar to new heights. Did the back-line have the moves to bamboozle their London One North opponents? They would after Irish’s Jonathan Joseph and Adrian Jarvis put them through their paces.

London Irish’s community coaches Ben Lee and Mike Crump were also on hand with other great advice as Eton Manor took the latest step in their performance makeover, run in conjunction with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

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