From Rugby World writer Katie Field
Rugby World magazine organises a just-for-fun Six Nations Predictions competition every year, asking coaches, former players and journalists to guess who will win each match in the tournament.
This year’s contestants are Stuart Barnes, Steve Bale, Robert Jones, Kenny Logan, Chris Hewett, Keith Wood, Philippe Saint-Andre, Gianluca Barca (an Italian journalist) and Rugby World’s editor Paul Morgan.
All nine correctly tipped France to beat Scotland last weekend and everyone except Gianluca also had Ireland to beat Italy. However, the Wales v England match really split our panel and only Keith Wood, Gianluca Barca, Philippe Saint-Andre and the Welsh duo of Robert Jones and Paul Morgan predicted that England would win.
That means Jones, Morgan, Wood and Saint-Andre are joint leaders after round one with three results correct out of three.
What will this weekend’s results bring?

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