See more of Japan’s northern island with a JR Hokkaido Rail Pass


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Japan 2019 Transport Guide: JR Hokkaido

There is plenty to see in Hokkaido – Japan’s second largest island – and train is the best way to take it all in…

Japan 2019 Transport Guide: JR HokkaidoTHE TICKETS

If you plan to visit several places in Hokkaido, it makes sense to buy a JR Hokkaido Rail Pass. Available for different lengths of time, you can buy them from travel agents before you go or in Hokkaido. See

The Culture Vulture

Lake Akan Ainu Kotan is a settlement inhabited by about 120 indigenous Japanese people and the master craftsmen create intricate wood carvings of bears, birds, humans and the like, which are highly sought around the world.

Another important tradition passed down from ancestors is the Ainu dance, which is Hokkaido’s only registered World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Until 31 October, they are holding a night walk event featuring mysterious illuminations at this national park, so the World Cup is the perfect chance to join in with this special event!

Take the Express Train ‘Super Ozora’ from Sapporo station to Kushiro (about four hours) and then a bus to Akanko-onsen (about one hour, 50 minutes).

The Foodie

Hokkaido’s seafood is the best-known in Japan so head to Hakodate’s Morning Market to taste the freshest seafood donburi. You can also enjoy Hokkaido ramen and the region’s speciality Genghis Khan (a dish of lamb and vegetables).

Reach Hakodate in approximately three hours, 40 minutes from Sapporo station by travelling on the Express Train ‘Super Hokuto’. Check out the must-see night view from Mount Hakodate too.

Japan 2019 Transport Guide: JR Hokkaido

Head in the clouds: Unkai Terrace offers incredible views

The Adventurer

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu offers not only accommodation but a huge farm area to enjoy during your time in Hokkaido. Plus, you can float above the clouds by taking a cable car to Unkai Terrace in the early morning. The Cloud Walk and attractive observatory provide breathtaking views and a unique experience.

It’s 100 minutes from Sapporo station to Tomamu by the Express Train ‘Super Tokachi’ or 70 minutes from New Chitose Airport station via Minami-chitose.

Japan 2019 Transport Guide: JR Hokkaido

Bright lights: Night-time in Susukino

The Party Animal

The biggest night-life district in Hokkaido is Susukino, which offers you gourmet food, bars, karaoke, nightclubs and more. Get there in 37 minutes from New Chitose Airport station to Sapporo by the Rapid Train ‘Airport’, then take the subway from Sapporo station to Susukino.