There is lots to do within easy reach of Tokyo and Yokohama


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Japan 2019 Travel Guide: Kanagawa

The Kanagawa Prefecture has myriad destinations offering scenic nature, historical culture and gourmet cuisine…

The Culture Vulture

Kamakura – the samurai capital that was built 800 years ago and sits by the seaside on the island of Honshu – can be reached in 50 minutes by train from Tokyo. Exploring the town, you’ll find many shrines and temples while you can also try zazen meditation and a Iaijutsu samurai experience.

The Foodie

Looking for fresh fish in Japan? If so, head to the Miura Peninsula to savour its famed tuna. Make Misaki Port your base because there are many restaurants to choose from. You can enjoy tuna sushi or sashimi and much more.

Japan 2019 Travel Guide: Kanagawa

Make a toast: A sake brewery near Kaisei

The Adventurer

There are tours available in Kanagawa that give you a unique Japanese experience – and they’re not far from Tokyo (

How about a visit to a sake brewery near Kaisei, an 80-minute journey from Shinjuku station on the Odakyu line? As well as getting a tour of the brewery and learning about the making of sake, you will, of course, get the chance to taste it. Then you’ll get to see traditional Japanese cooking techniques and eat homemade cuisine alongside more sake!

Japan 2019 Travel Guide: Kanagawa

On your bike! Take a cycling tour in the region

For those who want to be more active, try a guided cycling tour in Odawara, which is about a 30-minute train ride from Tokyo. Take in the countryside and witness Japanese daily life while cycling around. Plus, you can see the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji.

The Party Animal

Kawasaki is located between Tokyo and Yokohama – you can get there by train in ten minutes from Tokyo. Around the station, there are malls with many bars and restaurants. LA CITTADELLA is a complex boasting not only shops but a live music club CLUB CITTA’ ( and a 12-screen cinema CINECITTA’ (

The World Cup will also coincide with the Kawasaki Halloween Event, one of the biggest Halloween events in Japan. The quality of the costumes is renowned and the number of visitors grows every year.

Yokosuka, located in the heart of the Miura Peninsula and bordered by Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay, is stacked with heritage as an international harbour but has plenty of modern elements too.

Japan 2019 Travel Guide: Kanagawa

Night out: Wakamatsu in Yokosuka is good for bar-hopping

Wakamatsu in Yokosuka originated as a black market after World War Two and is now where you can go bar-hopping and do karaoke. If you want to go back in
time to the 1950s, try a Yokosuka Brager cocktail – brandy with ginger ale.

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How to get there

Yokohama, the capital of the Kanagawa Prefecture, is 18 minutes by train from Tokyo or two hours from Osaka. The prefecture stretches from Miura in the south to Yokohama in the east and Hakone in the west.