Make sure you can get online while at the Rugby World Cup with a pocket-size router from Cellhire

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Why a MiFi device is great in Japan

These days we are so reliant on the internet that travelling abroad can involve either expensive 4G bills or the constant search for free WiFi spots.

Rugby World wanted to avoid both those issues while in Japan for the World Cup, so we decided to source MiFi devices – a pocket-size router that creates a WiFi hotspot.

Cellhire kindly offered to provide us with one of their MiFi devices and it has proved invaluable when travelling to various matches and events, on myriad train lines, across Japan.

For a start the MiFi was delivered to us before we’d even left for Japan (complete with country-specific data SIM card and the right plug to negate the need for adapters) and that meant we were good to go as soon as we landed, particularly useful given our flight arrived late in the evening.

Why a MiFi device is great in Japan

Right direction: A MiFi can be ideal for checking transport information to get to games (Getty Images)

It is easy to use: simply turn it on, the network and password appear on the screen, you input that information into the device you want to connect with and, voila, you’re online!

And don’t worry if you are travelling with several devices – laptop, tablet, phone etc. Cellhire’s MiFi allows you to connect up to ten devices, so even if you’re travelling as a couple or group you can all access the internet via the one dongle.

It’s an ideal safety net for when you’re travelling around. Whether you want to search for some recommended local restaurants or check the route to a stadium or hotel, you can switch it on, get online and find out the information you need.

If you’re heading out to Japan for the World Cup and want to stay connected with one of the MiFi and data bundles, get in touch with Cellhire by calling 01904 610610 or email Of if you’d like to try a data SIM card instead, sister brand Dataroam can help – click here.

We’ve certainly made the most of our MiFi during the tournament. On our first day we took the wrong train to Tokyo Stadium but figured out what we needed to do to get back to the correct station with a quick Google search – accessing the internet via the MiFi. It’s the same when we’ve needed to send emails or post to social media while out and about.

Keep track of goings-on in Japan via our Rugby World Cup home page.

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